Monday, November 26, 2012

Knit Something Day: The Aftermath

Dedicated readers of this blog know that an annual tradition, the presentation of Knit Something Day results, was begun a couple of years ago and continues to snowball. Every year I invite knitters to send photos of what they were knitting on the day after Thanksgiving.

Some folks believe that like Valentine's Day, Knit Something Day is every day. I wouldn't disagree, but like Valentine's Day, it's really nice to honor whom or what we love with a special holiday. So let's hear it for KNIT SOMETHING DAY 2012!!!

In the materialistic world, this day is known as "Black Friday," a way of defining year-end profits for merchandisers. In retaliation, the Adbusters folks call this day "Buy Nothing Day," and while my heart is with Adbusters, I prefer the positive energy of my term:  Knit Something Day. The positive energy of knitting something, working by hand, crafting, self-expression through yarn, and the calming nature of the knitting process is, I believe, highly preferable to the negativism of the commercial and anti-commercial concepts.

Well, enough of that homily.  Herewith the photos for your delectation. If anyone would like to send me more images of their work, feel free to do so using the email button attached to my blog profile.  I hope you enjoyed your Knit Something Day as much as I did!

We begin with Neuroknitter, the consummate "everything" gal--spinner, dyer, and knitter par excellence. Obviously she's got a lot of good stuff going on!

Next, the socks for Nancy that I finished on the 23rd (coincidentally, her birthday!) These are from the Marathon sock yarn I like so much (the colorway is Twin Cities).

Deborah Newton sent a photo of the inner side of a tam she designed for her niece's birthday in La Gran mohair (knitted in one day, I must add, with matching mittens):

Susie B sent a gorgeous Aran-style children's sweater in process. She writes: 

This is the back of a sweater for a dear friend's granddaughter. I knit slowly and it's a complicated pattern requiring concentration and time, which in short supply. So I'm knitting it in a larger size than she would need right now in hopes that I don't miss the window. We'll see.

Nancy sent a pair of socks just finished for very lucky moi in Lang Jawoll from Switzerland:

Jude sent a photo of her elegant sweater, an original design:

Helpful data provided by designer:  cardigan in 2 gray yarns; needles size 3 and 5; steeks open ready for sleeves and front ribbing.

Joan's pet pig models a Classic Elite Lowell cowl under construction:

And finally, Irene Garza DeVerna sent a treasury of works in progress from herself and members of the knitting community fostered by her wonderful Rhode Island LYS, Eneri Knits. One thing I admire about the way Irene has built her business--which just celebrated its second anniversary--is how she's created a welcoming venue for knitters who just want to knit. There are open knit sessions several times every month where people can gather to meet like-minded knitters, have refreshments, and sometimes enjoy presentations like trunk shows, technique demos, etc. There's never any pressure to buy, but there's a real incentive to do so in such a pleasant, low-key environment. (Thanks to Irene for providing the captions below, as well as the six photos.)

Mary Lou was working on her Classic Elite 'Molly' scarf today with Liberty Wool Prints.  It's coming out great!

Irene writes:  I'm working on a cashmere bouclé kimono vest designed by Berta Karapetyan.

This is Victoria's Blue Heron chenille scarf, which she's made up with some (suggested) help from her knitting circle friends.  She's making a fun, twisted fringe every couple of rows.

Kristen is working on a Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater, which is also a free download on Ravelry.

Cathy and Susan were working on the Revontuli Shawl today.  It's a free download pattern on Ravelry:
Susan has just started, and Cathy is mentoring her on the project!

We had some crocheters today taking a class who wanted to get in on the action!
Debra, Mary, Andrea and Audrey are working on the quick Classy Cloche crocheted hat.  This was a class that Audrey teaches and she designed the pattern!

I hope you find this gallery inspirational.  Coming up in near future posts--some reviews of interesting knitting books I've been reading. You might want to give yourself a few for the holidays....

Monday, November 19, 2012

To New York, with love

Linda and I are sending a box of knitted and crocheted items to New York, as part of the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

If you'd like to make a knitted donation on your own, here's the information, provided by Vogue Knitting:

Molly says "Thank you!"