Monday, December 29, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tiny mittens

Here we are ten days into December and New England is dank, dark, bleak, bleary, depressing. No snow yet on the southeast part of coast, just freezing rain and more rain. Also wind and more wind and more rain. As I was battening down my insulated storm-gear, bracing for a trip into the depths of Hope Valley, the thought came to me that tiny mittens would be a useful antidote to the gloom.

What do you think, gentle knitters? Do these not elevate the spirits?

They took me about an hour each to knit, on #2 dpns, following this free pattern designed by Andrea Kopacek:  The next pair I'll try on 1.5 needles, just for fun. I discovered the pattern by searching Ravelry for "tiny knitted mitten ornaments," which yielded three pages of free designs, so search for yourself and take your pick. These are made of leftover sock yarn which incorporates lurex, creating a festive look.

Think of the possibilities! You can wear tiny mittens pinned to your hat, coat or lapel, you can hang them on your holiday tree, you can make chains of them and swag a window, you can mail them to friends, you can affix them to gifts...and you will be transported out of your weather-induced funk, guaranteed!