Monday, May 25, 2009

Strange Fits of Fashion, Part 2 (Apologies to Wordsworth and Cy)

It took far too long to get this done, but the finishing parts of projects are always like that for me. I've noticed that many local yarn stores give classes in the finishing of knitting endeavors, or will farm out the projects to professional finishers, at a cost, of course.  Suggesting that many knitters suffer from finishing-itis (or phobia?).

The problem with procrastinating when knitting for children is obvious.  Wait long enough and the garment just might fit the little brother or sister rather than the intended recipient.  In this case, the weather has turned warmer, so Cy won't be wearing the sweater until the fall, most likely, and then who knows if it will fit?  I did make it a size 2, but that's no guarantee of anything.

I bound off the faux-steek, underlined the binding with black yarn, crocheted button loops, and affixed buttons.  The effect is a bit lumpen, but it's definitely time to let go.  

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