Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a blue moon....

As perhaps you know, tonight there's a blue moon, meaning the second full moon to occur within the month. It's a somewhat rare occurrence.

This blue moon coincides with the very last day of 2009, bringing to closure a decade filled with unspeakable terrorism, protracted wars, the financial collapse of states, corporations, institutions and individuals; real estate suicide; pandemics both actual and anticipated; grotesque discrepancies between those who have and those who don't; polarized, vitriolic politics, lustily encouraged by corporate media, lobbyists, and demagogues; and for the majority of these years, the presidency of W. It was, to paraphrase Dickens, not the best of times.

All I know is, if it hadn't been for my knitting, I would have been in far worse psychological shape.

May the new year bring every one of us, knitters or not, beautiful new patterns and good strong yarns...more than once in a blue moon.

Yours with love and modest hope,


ps: my next post will be on new year's resolutions for knitting. If you have any to share, please let me know asap.

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