Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mice in the library

Jane Green, librarian and sock knitter par excellence (check out her Spirit Sisters website), brought these little guys to the library last week:

They are a wonderful Ysolda Teague pattern, "Mousie,"available through Ysolda's website or Ravelry.

And above are two of Jane's latest sock creations--an olive green tweed hiking sock, and elegant blue cabled socks with Jane's signature "fizz" at top.  The mice are about to leave for Louisville, KY, where Jane's heading for a week's visit with her daughter and grand-cat.  (Guess who's getting the mice?)

Why Socks?  An Existential Disquisition, Part 1

Recently I've come across more than a few manifestos, online and in knitting magazines, arguing in favor of knitted socks. The Langworthy Library Knitting Association, perhaps as a reflection of Jane's proclivities, cleaves to socks more than to anything else.  Denise tells me, "They're instant gratification." She favors them over more time-consuming projects, as do many other proponents, both in-library and outside.

I'm in the early stages of my sock-knitting career, and consider myself a convert to the beauty and general superiority of hand-knitted socks. They are warmer, lighter, and softer than any machine-made sock I've ever worn, including machine-made cashmere and angora. Plus, they're mine--original, unique, and custom-fitted!

Below a small gallery of hand-knitted socks made by the Langworthians:

Judy's socks

Denise's socks

Anne's socks

Socks I made for HC's birthday in November!
Here's a question:  Why do you or don't you knit socks?  (Responses will appear in a future post.)


  1. I knit socks for a couple reasons, I have big feet, size 11, womens. And the 8-11 commercial socks don't fit all that great. So I make my own. Plus I love the colors. But ultimately? It is the simple pleasure creating something as utilitarian and common as socks. Works for me.

  2. Thanks for your input! Feel free to send me photos of your hand-knitted socks, and I'll post them.

  3. I seem to be on automatic pilot when I knit socks. It's a great mindless activity that produces a great mindful gift. Plus, as a very wise knitter once said, "I knit so I won't kill somebody!";-)

  4. I LOVE knitting socks. It's a smaller palette, so it's a fun way to try out a fun or new design without having to go overboard. Plus, I agree they are WAY better than any store bought sock in terms of comfort. There is always that special factor.