Thursday, December 9, 2010

Local boy makes good

So there we were, last night, sitting and knitting, as per usual with one exception:  Gordon. Having read about us in the Wood River Press (edition of 11/25/10) he was eager to join up with kindred souls.

Of course we wanted a show-and-tell.  He'd fortunately brought a pair of mitts and a hat of his own design, from yarn spun by his mother from locally-raised fiber animals.

Yesterday he worked on a scarf of mixed-fiber, Kool-Aid dyed (by himself) yarn (spun by his mother).  He told us he learned to knit five years ago, while recovering from surgery.

When not knitting, he works at a convenience store in town and is in the National Guard. We hope he'll become a regular member of the Langworthy Library Knitting Association!

1 comment:

  1. So glad to hear we have a new member to our group, especially an unconventional one. The more diversed the group, the better we all become. Can't wait to meet him. Welcome, Gordon.

    PS. Kool-aid dyed! Really?? Can't wait to learn about that. Sounds like fun!!!