Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now is the month of Maying

and we happily celebrate the second year of this blog! If I've learned anything from this endeavor, it's that I'll never run out of material, because the New England knitting scene is so entirely rich. Upcoming posts will include glimpses of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and of course there will be continued focus on places closer to my bailiwick.

Loyal readers of Knitting New England will recall my first post, where I described trying to knit a baby sweater while listening to a lecture on beekeeping. (There's a link to the free pattern on that first post.) Demoralized by the pessimism of the apicultural instructors, I decided against beekeeping as yet another sideline of my life, and dropped the course. I did, however, finish the sweater. Here it is, modeled by Langston, who at the age of two has now outgrown it.

Perhaps he'll one day have another sibling, to share in the fun of a sweater with bee and flower buttons.

Then there was the sheep-motif sweater I made for Cy shortly after completing Langston's pullover.

He began wearing this when he was a bit past the ripe age of one. In the two photos above he's two. In the following photo he's three.

The sweater still fits! But it was time for something new. I made Lucinda Guy's "Dangerous Dinosaur" from her wonderful book, Handknits for Kids (Trafalgar Square, 2005).

It is blissful to knit for children, especially those as beautiful as Langston and Cy. Fortunately I have a granddog to knit for now.


To celebrate the anniversary of Knitting New England, I'll give two interesting knitting books from my personal collection to two randomly-chosen people who leave a comment on today's blog post beginning now and up until May 31. Thank you for being there, my friends!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm originally from New England and have enjoyed your descriptions of the various places you've visited! Here's to another fun- and adventure-filled year!

  2. Thank you! I knew your name from Knit With Your Brain, which I read quite faithfully. Checked that blog and saw you have a blog, too. Both you and Neuroknitter do beautiful work.

  3. Thanks! We're having a bit of fun with our own version of a lace knit-a-long this year, which has definitely increased our blog posting frequencies (and our lace production as well!).

  4. Hi SMW!
    yes, Oogy and I have been lace fiends. How is your pink shawl coming along?

  5. Ah yes, the pink lace attention has been elsewhere recently, but even so it's twice the size of what it was when I photo'd it for the "A Place for Lace" post. The thing about knitting lace is I have to concentrate so hard, and need a stretch of unimpeded time...that has been hard to find, of late.

    I thought your sheep shawl quite amazing!