Friday, July 1, 2011

The undoing

After I'd started this sock, the first of a pair, I realized with utter dismay that I had joined two different dye lots and the colors were painfully off. There was no yarn left of the dye lot used for the cuff.

The Knitting Goddess suggested I rip it out and start over. This was worse to contemplate, because the pattern is intricate and what I'd done so far represented hours of concentration. The sock went in a basket where I'd see it every so often, and I decided to consider her advice over a longish swath of time.

Whenever I looked at the sock it bothered me. Actually, it more than bothered me. It upset me. I thought of ways to balance out the color differences, by adding other colors, or doing contrasting embroidery along the join. As soon as I entertained another fix-it idea, I was overcome by ennui.

Today, six months later, I took her advice.

Molly says:  "Learning how not to be attached is a drawn-out and circuitous process."


  1. That Molly is very wise. It appears as though she enjoys being of some assistance.

  2. I feel your pain. I was knitting a pair of socks when I suddenly encountered a knot/join. At the join was a different dye lot, very obvious after knitting a few inches. I contacted the company (Berocco) who promised to replace the yarn and never did.

  3. Joansie, what did you do with your sock? Was it the first or second of the pair?

    Neuroknitter, you are correct; Mollie is very wise, as are most pets.