Monday, October 8, 2012

Recipe for success

In the past two years I've seen, sadly, several Rhode Island LYS go belly up. Why? The economy, stupid! as the snowclone (and James Carville) would have it. This doesn't explain, though, how Eneri Knits, now celebrating its second birthday, has made it through one of the roughest patches in American history. But, gentle knitters, I can speculate....

Reason number one:  Irene Garza DeVerna, proprietor and founder, who's simply amazing. Within a short time she's rapidly increased her inventory of excellent yarns, knitting notions, pattern books, magazines, and miscellaneous items like Harney's tea and the amusing sign (below).

She's also very responsive to her customers. Besides offering a range of classes from Fair Isle Mittens to basic knitting instruction to Finishing Techniques, she's ordered yarns like Noro Kureyon that customers have requested, and hosts twice monthly "stitch-and-tell" sessions where she provides delicious refreshments and gives merchandise discounts. What's not to love? An added bonus is the glossy purple-paper totebag that comes with every purchase. Although I appreciate certain no-frills aspects of any business, it's touches like this pretty little lagniappe that make a difference to me.

I bought three skeins of Cascade Yarns' Heritage Silk Paints, a merino and mulberry silk blend for socks.

Reasons number two and beyond:  The store itself is easily reached via major routes, and parking's abundant.  The ambiance is airy, light-filled, and helps to explain why Eneri Knits has become the epicenter of an extremely friendly South County knitting community that's dedicated to talking the knitting talk, nurturing creativity, and supporting local business.

Since one photo's worth a thousand words, I leave you with some snaps of my recent visit. And I say Brava, Irene, and thank you for your vision and hospitality. Long may your enterprise flourish!

A Stitch and Tell session, August 2012
My favorite section of the store: sock yarn!

Irene and a customer.

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