Thursday, June 13, 2013

Celebrating World Wide Knit in Public week

Neuro and I met at New London's Bean and Leaf Café, whose iced coffee I highly recommend, last week.  Neuro brought along a pair of beauteous gray socks she made for her dad for Father's Day, and was working on a shawl variant of the Clapotis (can't remember the exact title, but perhaps she will comment with the proper info) using a yarn she'd dyed herself in an inimitable yellow and gray colorway.  In the foreground please notice the baby blanket I recently completed and washed, only to discover that the red dye ran onto some of the yellow stripes.  This tale of disaster, with perhaps a  happier ending, will be related at length in a future post.


  1. The blanket doesn't look like a disaster to me, merely madrassed (ok, I made that up), which will undoubtedly only add to its charm over time.

  2. Really like the blanket, is it just a made up stripe or did you follow a pattern?

  3. Hi Maa-gret! H agreed with your evaluation of the dye damage. Nonetheless, being only a semi-recovered Type A sort, I am about to embark on a Scientific Testing of a product that claims to remove "fugitive" dye. Report to follow.

    Susan--thank you for your comment. The blanket pattern is beautiful, easy to knit, and is a great de-stasher. Most important, it's free. I've written about it before, and there's a photo of it in a different colorway. Do a search on this blog for Baby Shane blanket from Tanis Fiber Arts. Here's the link to the free pattern: