Sunday, September 15, 2013

September serendipity

This beautiful yarn came into my life recently, sent by Theresa Walker of Great Bay Woolworks. It's loosely plied, undyed, with a silky sheen, and it's 100% New Hampshire-raised wool. The texture is best for outerwear, though the Knitting Goddess thought it would make a great pillow done in a log cabin pattern like last year's afghan. (If I do that, I'll have to add a fourth color, however.) I'm asking you, gentle knitters, for advice. What should I make from three 200-yard skeins of of genuine New England farm-raised wool, that most likely would knit up best on size 5 or 6 needles? Let me know by blog comment or email.

If I use your pattern suggestion, I'll send you a great knitting book from my personal collection of great knitting books!


  1. The natural hues and the yarn's texture lead me to suggest a set of pillows with a simple cable pattern on the front and fabric on the back. The possibilities!

  2. Thank you, Neuro. So far pillows seem to be the most popular choice. Someone emailed me to suggest "a shawly thing," which is also under consideration.