Friday, April 11, 2014

Family Portrait

Gentle knitters have wondered, why the silence? The answer:  Knitting. Work. Music. Travel. Fortunately I've been able to combine many of these interests efficiently.

Behold the menagerie created by moi. All patterns are free, from the Lion Brand pattern database. I'm quite enamored of the brown bunny, officially designated Bouncy Bunny Sock Critter.  You could make a few of these to stuff in Easter baskets--the pattern doesn't take long, and if you're a sock knitter, you'll find it easy and ingenious.

Today debuts the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl, a relatively new and splendid Rhode Island tradition; it culminates on Sunday in Bristol. Due to an overscheduled life, I shan't be attending until Sunday, but other yarnaholics might want to set out immediately to satisfy their addictions.  Vita brevis est, so go for it!


  1. He has great presence. There's another great (free) hedgehog pattern on the Purl Soho website: I knitted him and will d so again. See: