Sunday, November 8, 2015

Homage to Harrisville

Some places speak for themselves, so I'll let these photos do the talking. Except I'll say that the 139 mile trip, from New London, Connecticut to Harrisville Designs, in Harrisville, New Hampshire, was both scenic and worthwhile. The day was overcast but not rainy; steely light, foliage gone. We arrived and surveyed the historic mill buildings, exemplars of the Industrial Revolution still manifest in rural New England.

Inside, a warmer world.

Yarns by the cone and skein, looms and loom notions, pattern books, knitting magazines, and knitting notions. Also, a beautiful area to sit and knit.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
How is it that some yarn shops have so much charisma and others don't? Harrisville Designs is a magnet, one of the nicest yarn venues I've ever encountered. Shop personnel are lovely. And the Harrisville yarns--so utterly distinctive, their colors and textural traits bringing the nineteenth century into the twenty-first.

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