Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Gather Together...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and Friday is Buy Nothing Day, one of my favorite celebrations. On the lawn of the Rhode Island State House and at other locations around the state, the Green Party will be collecting and distributing overcoats to those who need winter warmth. ( Find something that's been dust-collecting in your closet and make a contribution! It's an easy way to do good and feel good.

And in the spirit of good works, may I suggest that all of the knitters who observe Buy Nothing Day turn it into Knit Something Day? If you send me a photo of your Knit Something Day project, I'll post it on the blog.

Wishing you all halcyon days of peace, freedom, warmth, opportunity, nature's beauty, and everything else we in New England and the U.S. of A. have to be thankful for.

(I'm celebrating Knit Something Day with this WIP--a scarf in the Embossed Vine and Leaves pattern from Vogue Knitting's Stitchionary)


  1. I've always thought that was a terrific pattern stitch. It is so much fun to knit. One of my first sweaters had panels of it all over.
    Happy holiday weekend Selma!

  2. I think I know that sweater--it's in your book, yes? I actually have considered attempting it.

    Hope your holiday was good, too. We're in recovery mode, but a nice recovery, not from any family melodrama or anything like that.

  3. Knit Something Day is an excellent idea!

    Thanks for the mention of the Coat Exchange.