Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yarn Comes on Little Cat Feet

A Boston friend, clearing out her attic in preparation for a move, came across two unfamiliar boxes and found them to be filled with an insane amount of yarn. She doesn't knit and speculates that the mystery stash is somehow connected to the detritus of her first marriage (he didn't knit either, but may have had relatives who did). Kindly, B offered me first dibs, and naturally I accepted.

They're definitely the stash of a sock knitter, these skeins, and the band colors and typography suggest ca. 1940s-1950s. I will give some of this yarn to anyone who'd like to knit socks or another garment for Afghans for Afghans, or any local homeless shelter.

I love the labels.


  1. I think, if my memory serves me, that BEEHIVE was a British brand.

    Isn't the label for LUXURIA quite "mod" looking, whereas GOOD SHEPHERD has that old school look!!

    The labels would make marvelous bookmarks....
    Best- Deborah Newton

  2. Great idea about the bookmarks. Would you like the Beehive?

  3. I would feel utterly honored to have a label which is representative of my working life!

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  5. Deb, it's yours. Also the yarn it encases. Relates well to the meaning of your name, yes? The label says "Imported from Patons & Baldwins Ltd.," so you were spot on about the provenance.