Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesdays at six

is when the Langworthy Library Knitting Association of Hope Valley, Rhode Island, meets.

The group admires a delicate cape that Anne knit for her mother forty years ago. It's still in pristine condition.

Ming Lee models her beautiful hat.

Kim's already started her charity knitting for next Christmas. She makes hats and scarves for the collection at the Wood River Health Center.

Judy's knitting herself a pair of socks.

Socks are extremely popular amongst the knitters. The pink and red ones, made by Jane, from the Greater Boston Yarn Hoard (see post of November 7th, 2009) will be donated to Afghans for Afghans.

Those below, made by Denise, are from an amazing yarn that looks tie-dyed.

And Anne made the aqua socks, also from the Greater Boston Yarn Hoard, for her granddaughter and great-granddaughter.


  1. Wow! Those socks are daunting to me....haven't knitted a single pair - YET. Maybe 2010 is the year when I do it! Salamat for the inspiration!

  2. We welcome drop-ins, if you want coaching or help with socks.