Monday, May 31, 2010

Webs untangled

The coda of my trip to Northampton was a visit to Webs.

From the outside and the first room inside it's fairly generic, though quite well-stocked.  Then you get to  the warehouse-like back room.  OMG!!!  It's like the Filene's Basement of fiber!!!  We're talking Major Discounts here.  Be warned:  this is an extremely dangerous place for anyone with a serious yarn habit!

Aisles are organized by weights (bulky, worsted, sock, etc.) and skeins or cones.

Best to go with one or several projects in mind, so you can stay focused. There's an area up front, fyi, for non-knitters, with comfy armchairs and reading material, so they don't mind the wait while their knitting partners are in a Dionysian frenzy in the back room.


  1. The customer service can't be beat. Have you ever seen such a huge needle selection. The spinning wheel and loom areas are absolutely awesome. When I go, it's an all-day affair with lunch at Paul and Elizabeth's...sometimes other places in town. All are fantastic. Glad you had fun! But........what did you buy?

  2. Oh my...thank you for being interested. I think I'll have to photograph the hoard and post it for your delectation. I managed to spend less than $150....

  3. Thank you for satisfying my Webs fix. I'm planning a trip there on Thursday. The warehouse is what I picture heaven to be like.

  4. I have to agree with Joansie's comment above that you can easily spend a full day there. They open at 10. I suggest you take a lunch break at some point to recharge. Also try to get over to Northampton Wools if only to see the amazing wedding gown in the window. The Smith College Art Museum is worth a stop as well--that was the ostensible reason I went to Northampton last week--there's a show on called "Bloomsbury in America," of art by members of the Bloomsbury group in American collections.