Monday, May 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Gentle readers,
"The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater" has concluded, and I now return to my usual postings of nonfiction knitting-in-New England items.  I enjoyed creating the story--my method was the Victorian model of serial fiction, written to deadline--but while involved with that, I was also busy sussing out other topics and leads. Soon to come from this period of fact gathering will be posts about an alpaca farm in Rhode Island and a trip to Massachusetts yarn country. I was heartened to see, however, that while "The Curse" was ongoing, my readership spiked and the total readership outside the U.S. increased to twenty-four countries.

It is fascinating for me to know that there are some in Europe, Asia, and Africa who read this blog, and I am curious to learn what drew them to it. Are you New England knitters far from home? Are you Europeans/Africans/Asians who are interested in the knitting culture of the world?  If any of you care to drop me a line via this blog's comments option (or the email address on my profile page) to let me know, I would be most grateful.  Similarly I'm also interested in hearing from readers in North America, whether Canada, the U.S., or the West Indies, who are outside the regional scope yet read the blog regularly.  What is it that you enjoy?

Meanwhile, I will use the rest of the this post to update the world about the prodigious accomplishments of the Langworthy Library Knitting Association.  The sock photo at top is of the five amazingly gorgeous pairs Denise knit during April and May. Next, a photo of Julia (and a peek at Jane), both wearing their handknitted sweaters.  Julia's is a top-down design in an alpaca-wool blend that requires minimal seaming.  Her next project--same pattern, I believe--is on the table before her.

Finally, here's Jane wearing a beautiful pink cardigan.  The shocking thing about it is...this was the first sweater she ever made, and she knit it when she was twelve.  How awesome is that?  The sweater is still in gorgeous condition, more than thirty-five years ex post facto, and the work is stunning.  Below, a detail.

I shall close with two noteworthy items.  First, WWKIP approaches: World Wide Knit In Public Day is the second Saturday in June. What will you do to celebrate?  The Langworthy Knitters will meet at the library, rain or shine, and go at it from 10-2 on June 12th. Please join us, and we'll give you a sticker badge.  If you want to learn to knit or need knitting help, we are there for you!  24 Spring St., Hope Valley, Rhode Island.  It's also the date of the annual library book sale (need I say more?).

Second, this month marks the first anniversary of www.Knitting New! How time flies when I'm having fun! Please send suggestions for future posts. And yes, I'm actually going to Maine in September, maybe earlier, with at least one stop in New Hampshire.

Yours gratefully,
smw and friend (below)