Friday, July 23, 2010


Summer time, and the livin' is busy. Rather than fraught, however, filled with an abundance of absorbing tasks.

Last week was my annual sojourn at Amherst Early Music, the baroque workshops held at Connecticut College. Herewith two photos--the lovely Willard Martin single manual harpsichord I played for rehearsals of a Boismortier sonata for continuo, viola da gamba, flute and bassoon...

and the Baroque Academy production of Scenes from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Les Arts Florissants, music by Charpentier and Lully.

My knitting output, naturally, slowed that week. It has been further impeded by the accelerating pace of the garden:

But I must confess, though I've got many UFOs, inspired by the splendid examples of the Langworthy Library Knitting Association members, I'm rather fixated on socks at the moment and am planning a post entirely about socks in the very near future.

A summer resolution has been to override nascent guilt engendered by UFOs. Life is too short, my friends. We must let ourselves simply be.

Kramer and I look forward to ever more submissions to the Poetry of Knitting Contest, which closes on August 31st. Here he is thinking a green thought in a green shade.


  1. You have tomatoes ALREADY?!? I have had 2 small golf-ball sized ones...

    I am intimidated by the poem by the good Mr. Marvel (makes him sound like a superhero!) but I am working on my entry for the poetry contest....

    Enjoy the fruits of summer, my friend.

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  3. Hello! It's the artichoke girl from the train (better known as Caroline). It was so nice to meet you and talk to you about knitting and see one of your gorgeous scarves in-the-works. It was definitely one of the more entertaining trips into NYC. The interview went really well! And I chalk part of that up to having had funny conversations the whole train ride in to distract me from the looming meeting! I hope you enjoyed the museum with your friends. I'll definitely poke around the site and see what sort of advice you have on the knitting world, project ideas etc. I saw the kitty pictures already, and especially enjoy them since you were able to give me a brief bio about them :O). Happy knitting!

  4. Hello Caroline! Lovely to hear from you. I hope you get the job, if it's really what you want. If not, you have a future in jewelry design. Your artichoke ring is quite spectacular.

    Please send photos of anything you knit in the near future!

    Yours with best wishes....