Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Prize!

Gentle readers, I'm happy to announce that the First Prize in this year's Knitting New England Poetry of Knitting contest, goes to 

Brandee O'Thown 

of Providence, Rhode Island. 

It wasn't hard to decide, as Ms. O'Thown's entry was both distinctive and accomplished. Herewith, her wonderful poem. I hope it inspires you to enter your own in next year's contest, which will run during the summer of 2011.

Knitting Life 

by Brandee O'Thown

Blend sox, afghan blocks.
Ribbed edge, born in college.
Buttonholes, rev St st rolls.
Aran monster, alpaca disaster.
Yarn stash—oh, wool rash.

Lined pocket, “cable” rocket.
Onion skin, fleece lanolin.
Allover lace—my _mistake_ face.
Intarsia, no mantra.
Getting bored, slipped st cord.
Book stack, wood needle crack.

Circular heaven, looped edge leavens.
Mosaic virus, St st tyrant.
Keep gauge, turn page.

Fair isle.  Fair day.
Knit.  Sit.  Flit. Writ. 


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