Friday, September 3, 2010

Always a cause for celebration

is the opening of another New England LYS.  Eneri Knits is in Oak Harbour Village shopping plaza, Exeter, Rhode Island. September 4th is the "soft" opening; Columbus Day Weekend is the grand opening. 

Owner Irene DeVerna may be familiar to patrons of Country Corner Yarns in Charlestown, having worked there prior to setting up her own shop. Much thought, energy, and dedication have gone into this endeavor, and Irene's vision of how she wants it to develop is already apparent. There's a distinctive feel--of serenity, peace, and friendship--no accident, as Irene wants Eneri Knits "to provide a support system for knitters." Besides many wonderful yarns, tools, and accessories, Eneri Knits will offer classes and problem-solving sessions on a regular basis. Check the website for schedules, business hours, contact info, and directions.  Below, the workshop area.

We will keep an eye on the evolution of this lovely place. It's a leap of faith to open a new business in difficult economic times, but then again, interest in knitting has historically surged when the outside world seems bleak. "Peace, relaxation, and tranquility to all who join us in knitting" is what Eneri Knits hopes to convey to its patrons. What's not to like? We wish Irene and Eneri Knits much success.

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