Saturday, January 8, 2011

The well-dressed Ipad

The purchase of this Ipad, which is, to be perfectly honest, a non-essential gizmo that may not provide me with an enhanced quality of life (only time will tell), was rationalized thus:

  1. my birthday is next month, so this is an early present to myself;
  2. I am about to travel abroad and the Ipad is lighter and easier to haul around than my laptop.

I ordered the Ipad without the black encasement that you see in the photo because I was certain that to pay $39 for a relatively flimsy piece of plastic was a complete rip-off.  I ordered a $1 case (red, claims to be genuine leather) from a seller on (If you click the link you'll see the price has gone up somewhat. Must have been my lucky dollar day back then!) A while later Amazon sent me an email saying they couldn't get in touch with the seller and couldn't ship the case. As my departure-to-London date was looming, I was seized with the utterly rational fear that my Ipad might get scratched in transit. By that time I was also ready to hurl the Ipad out the window, as its operation was driving me very quickly to the edge. Rather than scratch it in so violent a manner, I determined that I needed to do two things besides cracking open another bottle of vino:

  1. Go to the "Genius Bar" [sic] at the Apple Store in the Providence Place Mall and have a consult with a tech person;
  2. Knit my Ipad a sweater.
Fast forward to Thursday, January 6th:

I meet Jillian, a very proficient tech person, at the human zoo aka The Apple Store. She sits with me, creating a bubble of calm that envelops us both, for almost two hours as the masses swirl about us. She answers every single question on my extensive list, without overtly ridiculing or pitying me. Finally finished with Ipad 101, I ask her several questions pertaining to the superficial aspects of gadgetry, such as Ipad hygiene--how best to clean the smeary screen, a palimpsest of skin oil after a relatively brief period of usage?--(Jillian shows me a box of wipes, containing 20 cleansing applications of isopropyl alcohol, for a mere $15; I politely decline); and costumes (Jillian shows me a neoprene cover and the black velvety cover, both of which sell for between $35-$40.) I bite the bullet and buy the velvety cover. Perhaps I was emboldened to do this because of all the money I expected to save by cleaning Ipad's screen with an eighty-nine cent pint bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

Then I go home and begin knitting my Ipad a sweater. It is deliberately oversized, as I intend to felt it in the immediate future. I'm using Noro Kureyon--that is, I was using Noro Kureyon, but I ran out. So part of this sweater will be in a compatible yarn I select from my stash.

Time is flying, and I must return to my knitting, in order to finish before my departure date of 1/12.   And oh yes, Amazon sent me another email saying that the seller was located and my red leather one dollar Ipad case is on its way to me.

To be continued....

In the meanwhile, if any of my readers can recommend good LYS to visit in London, please do.

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