Friday, January 6, 2012

Broken promises?

Well it's 2012 and I'm ever so grateful that the holiday Binge and Binge syndrome is fading into the distance. And also the setbacks of 2011, notably the spirally-fractured left fibula. Now that I'm quasi-ambulatory--it takes a long time to recover from a broken leg, I've learned--I'm hoping gradually to rediscover my ribcage, which (like much else of my person) has chunked up from intensive sitting around. Not that I didn't get a lot of knitting done while I was intensively sitting. That, and many rich hours of piano practice. But after a while one yearns simply to move forward. I have worked up to a daily 1.5 mile walk with Miss Lola, and am hoping to stretch it soon to a two-mile round trip. Ok, enough about me, and happy new year to you!


Can any of you, gentle knitter-readers, relate to this photo? It is of the neckline of my Evolving Sweater, on which I was picking up stitches when the Expensive Circular Needle, an Addi Turbo, simply folded over and broke. I have occasionally destroyed bamboo-tipped circs, but never a metal one. That is, never until yesterday. Imagine my shock and horror, if you will. It's not as if I'm stronger than I realize, nor was I adrenalin-fortified at that moment. I would be interested in hearing from the knitting public about similar mishaps, so please be in touch.


As is my custom, I've asked my knitting friends to share knitting resolutions for the coming year. Here are most of them:

Caroline B: My goal is socks, a poncho and...I guess my general resolution is: knit more!

Doree W:  I  hope to spend more time knitting-- learning how to work with colors while holding yarns in both hands so they don't get tangled and learning how to block and put sweaters together for a more professional finish.  Would like to make more of my next year's Christmas presents and maybe some birthday ones too. 

Irene DV:   My resolution is to get a head start on next year's Christmas gifts by making up at least one per month starting in January.

Neuroknitter:  My resolution is to complete a few fair isle projects and to write more neuroscience-themed blog posts.  The first post for the year will be about how fair isle knitting exercises the prefrontal cortex.
Two pics are attached, showing some swatches that I've been playing with.  

Oogyknitter:  While I don't have any knitting resolutions per se, as you know, Neuroknitter and I are embarking upon a year-long theme of "colorwork".  We never really defined specifically what this means, so it's anyone's guess as to what we'll come up with.  I plan to keep up a semi-continuous stream of sock knitting, and perhaps produce an afghan or two in there as well.

Deborah N:  My knitting resolution is to work more with color!

Debbie N:  My knitting resolution this year of 2012 is to knit!  

Joan W:  WIP Hell:  Finish projects I've actually started is one not very exciting goal.    At some point it's too depressing.  Will keep thinking for other ideas like figuring out how to use up at least some the random bunches of wool acquired since this addiction began.

and finally, Susan B:  The last time we communicated, I wrote about how stressed I'd been and you suggested that a knitting project might help.  Well, I took your advice and just got started on a sweater for a friend's granddaughter.  Selecting a pattern, finding the appropriate yarn and getting started have all been a pleasure and very soothing.  My resolution, therefore, is to remember how much I like to knit and not to allow life's little inconveniences to interfere in that process... for too long.

My resolution? To go with the flow. If I feel like finishing a WIP, I will. If I don't, I won't and I won't obsess about it. For me, most worthwhile endeavors are organically-derived and follow their own time-table.

Here's to a new year of happy knitting!


  1. My resolution is to LEARN to knit. My grandmother taught me some basic crochet when I was little, and I've crocheted in earnest for over a decade. Happily, I think I've found someone to teach me. Hope to visit your store soon! (Laura)

  2. Knitting is one of those practices, like reading, that becomes an unconscious act after a while. Good luck to you!