Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends and their FOs, or A Tale of Two Knitters from Massachusetts

Sometimes knitters actually fulfill their New Year's resolutions.

Margaret's 40+ year-old diamond-lace handknitted socks are finally put to use.

Joan's Colinette-kit afghan is complete!
Brava, ladies!


  1. The socks ain't so shabby, either.

  2. The socks are gorgeous, the wool seems so thin, it would take me ages to knit them.
    And the colours of the afghan are just amazing.

  3. Was there yarn especially made for knitting socks when these were made? They, and the afghan look so cozy.

  4. I shall refer this question to Margaret. Thank you for your interest!

  5. I thought I replied here -- where'd it go? oh, well....
    Thanks to aracne. And Neuro, I believe my mother did procure "sock wool" for me -- for a change, as mostly I was left to use whatever was handy when I got an urge to make something as a child. BTW there is a picture from around the time of the creation of these socks of SMW and me in front of her house with the snow mermaid we made. Maybe she'll share it here some day, even if it IS off-topic.