Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lovely to contemplate

Three charming alpacas from Shadow Pines Farm (Exeter, RI), enjoyed making a public spectacle of themselves outside of Eneri Knits last weekend.

And here is yesterday, in Falmouth, MA:

No matter how inconspicuous an LYS may be, I can usually find it...  Sage Yarns in Falmouth has a reasonable selection o' stuff.
K, my pal in Falmouth, models some mood-enhancing handknit socks (from my needles).  The yarn is one of Marathon's wackier self-fair-isling numbers.

And finally, Neuroknitter and I happily spent the better part of an hour last week in Wickford, RI, at The Mermaid's Purl.  Check out Neuro's blog to see the beauteous scarf she's doing with seacell-infused yarn she bought there.

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  1. Nice work LYS sleuth!
    I did find those alpacas to be amazingly cute.