Saturday, July 7, 2012

Three strikes, it's out...

The Knitting Goddess constantly stresses the value of The Swatch; therefore I must obey.  So I had a project in mind, a knitted toy, using some interesting bouclé yarn, but it absolutely wouldn't cooperate.  The pattern calls for #6 needles, and on that size it's almost unknittable.

I went up to sevens, then to eights (in photo). It's still too dense; moving the needles requires herculean strength.  At this point I realized the pattern isn't viable with this particular yarn.  And, it's way too hot here.  The project is now officially shelved.

My inner critter keeps telling me to remember that if it's not fun, I shouldn't be knitting it.

Jolly good, wouldn't you say?


  1. Yes, it must be fun. Stay cool, dear S!

  2. I am SURE the Royal Family Knitters MUST knit swatches....