Monday, April 15, 2013

Postcards from the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl of 2013

What I liked about this event: friendly folks, beautiful yarn, fiber animals, and a great sense of knitting community.

Knitting designer and ER physician, plus two progeny, all modeling Mom's handknits.

Friendly Shadow Pines alpacas modeling fawn-colored fleece outside of Eneri Knits, Exeter RI.
Barn of knitting people at Mt. Hope Farm.
Above:  Stitchy McYarnpants and the collected works of Stitchy McYarnpants

I bought this mug from a talented Rhode Island potter.  Check out Rising Sun Earthworks
Linda Perry of Thistedown Studio was one of several vendors of beautiful hand-dyed yarns.

The Slater Mill Guild was well represented.


  1. Smw, It was lovely to meet you in person. I need that mug as well. Husband wouldn't let me put the bumper sticker on my car as he thought it invited thugs, whatever that means. Sorry my kid stuck out his tongue but at least he kept his pants on.

  2. Great coverage, so sad I had to miss it.

    1. Ditto, yardsailor

  3. Casapinka's blog sent me flying over here this morning! Loved seeing her and the kiddies wearing their Casapinka designs! Found her when I selected one of her baby blankets to knit - Wish I lived in R.I. !

  4. Love Casapinka and her blog. She's got such a great knitting sense!

  5. Loved seeing Pink and her progeny! I've had the pleasure of knitting several of her designs, and they are fabulous! Stylish and fun.

  6. It's always fun to run into Casapinka! Her designs are flavored with whimsy and imagination, and one can't help but smile when reading her blog or being introduced to another of her knitwear designs. Always enough to bring a smile. Even in a deluge of rain or snow, Casapinka and her unique take on things bring sunshine!

  7. Waving to Casapinka and kids in their wonderfully handcrafted attire!

  8. I love CasaPinka's Junior Junior's reaction. Did he just realize where yarn comes from? "Do you mean that you shave these guys naked?? and take their yarn??" Love your designs CP.

  9. I am not a knitter but you guys look like such a fun group! I love casapinka and her designs, (thats how I found myself here). Thanks for the nice variety of photos, it looks like an inspiring event-I like that mug-and the books.!

  10. I have the pleasure to knit with Casapinka when she has down time! Her designs are amazing! She is full of fabulous ideas, and beautiful designs.