Thursday, April 11, 2013

So much for spontaneous knitting...

Yours truly is not in a good mood.

I had this idea a while ago that I'd just sit down and improvise-knit a shawlette in a beautiful yarn by Nashua called "Grand Opera" (whose name I like as much as its tactile qualities), and this shawlette got to a certain point, then turned into a UFO. Recently, though, I found a reason to finish it--it became clear that a friend, who is ill, could really use it--and off to work I went.

Then I ran out of Grand Opera, and it took me a while to figure out how to finish the edging ruffle.

I'm adding a tipping of Misti Alpaca Handpaint in a colorway called Maple Gray, which sounds kind of New Englandy. It looks fine. The only problem is that a metal end of the Addi Turbo circ I was using decided to disengage itself from the cord yesterday. GRRRRRRR!!! This is the second time in two years that an Addi Turbo has crapped out on me. The first time I returned the badly-behaving (and I shall add, expensive) needle to the company and it was swiftly replaced. Now, however, I no longer have the packaging...though I will make a valiant attempt to effect another exchange. I do not understand why these needles are so cantankerous. It's not as if I abuse them. Has any one of you, gentle knitters, experienced similar problems with these otherwise acceptable needles?

So I am trying to figure out if this UFO will ever leave the premises. (Maybe it wants to live here forever and is indicating that via paranormal behavior?) Tomorrow commences Day 1 of the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl, and I have plans to participate. I might have to bite the bullet and buy another size 5 circ.

Lola has picked up on my mood.

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