Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Best of Boston

The City of Boston and charity knitting have been much on my mind recently, the former because of the horrific Marathon bombings of April 15th, and the latter because I'm writing a magazine article about said topic. I was in Boston yesterday for a meeting near the bombing site, so betook myself over to Boylston Street.

What can I say? If you happened to arrive from Mars yesterday, you'd have no idea of the mayhem and tragedy that occurred almost exactly two weeks ago. There are a few boarded up windows to notice, flags flying at half staff, a strong police presence, and this small spontaneous memorial around a newly-planted tree.

Knitters, ever generous, often contribute their work to people and organizations that  can benefit from hand-crafted warmth. But there's not a whole lot a knitter can do to assuage the pain of the bombing victims and their families. However, one company, Classic Elite Yarns, has dedicated the proceeds from a downloadable and beautiful shawl pattern, White Clover, to the One Fund Boston which serves the Marathon victims. This company's thoughtful gesture is something any knitter can easily support. The pattern itself is timeless, so if you can't knit it immediately, you won't have to worry about its going out of style.

White Clover, designed by Susan Mills, for Classic Elite Yarns

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