Sunday, June 13, 2010

Third Annual World-Wide Knit in Public Day

Fortified by gingersnaps and lemon seltzer, six of us met at the Langworthy Library yesterday to celebrate WWKIP.  As it turned out, all of us were making socks (Denise's are on the table in the foreground) except for Linda (above with arm raised) who was knitting the most interesting lariats (photo below) that can be worn as belts or necklaces. They are worked in metallic yarns with beads.

The sponsors of WWKIP have officially designated June 12-20th as WWKIP WEEK!  Knitters, please make time in your busy schedules during these days to sit and knit on a park bench, in an outdoor café, at a library, on the bleachers at a sporting event, or any other venue where you'll be visible to the general public as a bona fide knitter and inciter of ravelry.

In honor of WWKIP, a generous soul donated a huge box of knitting needles to the Langworthy Library Knitting Association!

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