Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Widening circles

A slight digression today from knitting, but an amplification of the previous post.

The center of a thimbleberry is wider than that of a raspberry. Upturned, thimbleberries are thimble-shaped. I've found them in forests in the Pacific Northwest, but didn't know they're also native to the east coast--that is, I didn't know until I started to research the Thimble Islands.  IMHO, raspberries have more flavor than thimbleberries.

Check out my piece on the Thimble Islands in today's online Providence Journal:

The house in the photograph is where General Tom Thumb unsuccessfully courted Miss Emily.

This famous stereopticon photo from the studio of Matthew Brady, is of the General and the woman he ultimately married, Lavinia Warren. They seem to have been well-suited to one another. For more images of the wedding, click here.

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